Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is… real name doesn’t matter, my name at this blog is “The man in gray hat”, or if you want to short it go with TMIGH. It looks… weird xD I’ll be posting many things related to PC gaming what stands for: games (AAA and indie ones), hardware, software, descriptions of various filters and effects, benchmarks, reviews, tips and tricks, fixes, usability advices and many other things.

In fact this blog is my little experiment. My native language is not English but I’ll be posting in English because i want get to as wide audience as possible.

Consoles… wtf console is?! I do not care about console games, console market, etc. I’m not interested with these devices, they are pointless to me, i have nice PC able to run most games with fluid fps in FullHD resolution. So if you are a console gamer you can go to any other site about games, gaming and please, do not follow my blog.

I’m testing on my own, not as a job, almost all important games which are being released to PC market. I’m doing this by buying games and also by pirating them or playing free and open source versions. I’m not glorifying piracy but I’m not saying “buy every game you want to play to” as well. I’m saying “You want to pirate a game? OK, it is your business, you can have a lot of explanations to do so, but if you pirated a game and you like it and you are enjoying with it, buy it as soon as possible, developers need to be appreciated.” Games development is really difficult and complexed job. I will not post links and informations how to get pirated versions of games. This kind of comments under my posts will be removed asap.

Why “The Man In Gray Hat”? If you have proper knowledge and read this text you probably already know why. Hackers in white hats are these good, finding wholes in security and reporting them to owner of vulnerable system/software. Hackers in black hats are these bad ones, bastards using security vulnerabilities to destroy systems, steal data, steal money, etc. I decided to use this analogy to describe myself because as i said, I’m using pirated versions and also buying a lots of games but promoting free and open source software.

This is the end of my first note. I hope it made you interested to my blog and you will become my follower 😉


Soon will show up first post which might interest you more than this one 😉

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