Windows 7 Enterprise for free – how to get it?

Windows 8 is out now but many people, including myself, do not like new system from Microsoft and still want to keep Windows 7 on their computers. You bought a computer without operating system or with Windows 8 and you do not like to switch between ModernUI and Aero? OK, you can get your lovely Windows 7 Enterprise for free in legit way! No cracks, no activators needed, as I said in my first post, at this blog I will not publish informations how to get illegal stuff.

Since the very beginning of Windows 7 presence at market there is also available thing called „Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day trial”. What it is? This is free trial of Windows 7, time-limited but not limited in functionality, it has the same functionality as box version of Windows 7 Enterprise.

How to get it? To download .iso with system you need to have account at any Microsoft service, so called Microsoft ID/Live ID. If you have it there is no problem, if you do not, so… there is no problem too 😉 You can register at any moment. When you already have this sorted out go with this link:

Choose your preferred version. For gaming computers I recommend to get x64, there is no point in installing x32 Windows for gaming. Downloaded .iso file you can burn onto DVD disc or with proper software (Windows 7 USB/DVD tool or Ultraiso – free trial of this one is enough) create bootable usb stick and install operating system.

After installation you can extend your 90-day trial for another 10 days by doing… absolutely nothing! This way you can have your free windows 7 for 100 days. After installation you have 10 days to activate your copy of windows and in this time system will be reminding to you to do so. You can activate it at any moment as you wish.

By default trial version installs in English language. It is enterprise edition so it gives you access to language packs to freely change system language to any you want. Just go to control panel/windows update/optional updates and choose language you want to use. Currently Windows 7 Enterprise is available in 35 languages.

What when trial ends? You simply can reinstall your Windows and trial will be able to activate again and again you can use it for up to 100 days.

That’s all, now you are legit user of top edition of Windows 7 without spending money. Remember to keep your windows up-to-date by installing updates available in windows update, this will prevent you from many problems with software and games.

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