ATI Tray Tools – ATIPDLXX error – fix!

Can not initialize ATIPDLXX library! Exiting now….

ATI Tray Tools by Ray Adams – little, simple and powerful program for overclocking, configuring and unlocking ATI/AMD Radeon GPUs. Since some time various software/hardware configurations have problem with starting this program and you can see message” Can not initialize ATIPDLXX library! Exiting now….” instead of running ATT. I have a good news for you, you do not have to abandon this program and replace it with something else, you can fix this problem in very easy way.

You just need to paste into program’s folder file atipdlxx.dll. I uploaded this file especially for you here:

This file was part of elder versions of AMD Catalyst drivers. The uploaded one is from last version I was able to find it in so it mean this is the latest version available.

Latest version of Ati Tray Tools can be always downloaded from this link:


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7 Responses to ATI Tray Tools – ATIPDLXX error – fix!

  1. Sperks says:

    Thanks, really helped me here 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    Thats Superdobre of U!!!

  3. Ace Zairyl Magolhado says:

    Hi, is this working for all OS? I can’t seem to get it work for windows 7 ultimate 32bit. I’m getting a secondary error “read access to 0000000 art.exe invalid”. I got that error when I try to run ati tray tools after I pasted the atipdlxx.DLL file to the tray tools folder.

    • I’ve been using it under windows 7 x64 so it should be compatible with vista and 7, both in x32 and x64. I have no idea how it could work with windows 8 and 8.1. Also bare in mind ati tray tools is not developed since long time, there was no updates to it for too long and it is not compatible with latest gpus. If i’m correct it is compatible with AMD Radeons up to HD6xxx series. At least when i had hd6850 it was working fine but when i had hd7790 and hd7770 it didn’t work at all (BSOD on start) due to incompability with new gpus..
      The error message you gave is weird, it shouldn’t happen under any circumstances.
      What is your gpu?
      To be honest ati tray tools doesn’t work for you i recommend two programs instead of it: MSI Afterburner for overclocking and voltage manipulation, and RadeonPro for advanced configuration of settings and creating profiles for specific games. I really miss ATI Tray Tools, it was incredible software.
      I hope it cleared a bit thing for you, if you have any more questions feel free to ask, i will reply with pleasure 🙂

      Man, this is XXI century, in gaming PC there shouldn’t be x32 OS, x64 only is way to go xD

  4. Virtus says:

    Working! Thanks

  5. zacksoares says:

    what do you mean paste? like drag? when i drag that folder into the ati tools folder and try to launch it says the program cant access lower level driver and to reinstall trey tools with uac disabled of something?

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