2012 – gaming summary

I wanted to create summary of this year in gaming but after few minutes of my analysis I decided to do not make it because there was too many so awesome games! I will not make any top10 or shit10 summary but I can to list all games I liked to play this year.

Games I enjoyed in 2012 are: extended edition of hard reset game, enhanced edition of witcher 2 game, max payne 3, diablo 3, darksiders 2, sleeping dogs, borderlands 2, dishonored, worms revolution, medal of honor warfighter, king’s bounty: warriors of the north, need for speed most wanted (2), hitman absolution, assassin’s creed III, far cry 3… and I hope I didn’t forget about some games šŸ™‚

First half of the year wasn’t entertaining much, there were released mostly patches, DLCs, extended/GOTY editions of games. Year as whole was full of awesome and entertaining games but mostly another releases of famous series, not many new titles. It has good sides and bad sides of course so I will not judge it. This year was good for indie games and a lot of them been released. This is good sign.

All these games I listed in here are so called “AAA games”. What does it mean? It mean these games are top class games made with a lot of care about technical, artistic, plot and many other details. Unfortunately not with all of them it is as it should be. Because of this how things really look like I decided to start series of posts – reviews of games. This series I decided to call “game title- is this AAA game?”. In my reviews I will take close look into many details determining AAA game. First review will show up soon!



Ok, ok… I can give one award… Award of the most bugged game of year 2012 goes to….. Assassin’s Creed 3! Ubisoft, you really were working hard to gain this award, congratulations šŸ˜‰

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