AC3: Tyranny of king Washington – soundtrack

Do you like AC3? OK.

Do you like set of DLCs known as Tyranny of king Washington? OK.

Did you buy season pass? OK.


I know, i know, you came to here to get know something more about Tyranny of king Washington soundtrack and there is a lot of to know. Let’s start from beginning.


Over internet was spread rumor about exclusive content only for season pass owners and this content was ToKW soundtrack. Rumor appeared to be truth… on some part. On March 13th every season pass owner who had ubisoft newsletter active received an email with soundtrack. So far everything is OK, right? OK, so let’s go to part which is not correct with previous statement. Exclusivity for season pass owners is… a lie. Soundtrack is not exclusive to season pass owners, link included in email is in none way secured/protected so anyone who got the link can download the soundtrack. This is an email which some season pass owners received:

And in there you have direct link to .zip file containing mp3 files of soundtrack:–

If you tried to open both links you can see you can access them without problems, it means they are publicly available. You do not have to buy season pass to receive a soundtrack. As i said, link is public, so ANYONE can access it, PC gamer, console gamer, mobile console gamer, smartphone gamer…. it is not limited, do you want soundtrack? You can download it for free from Ubisoft’s servers.


Second thing in soundtrack case is: few days ago Ubisoft released soundtrack on sell. So, they want you to pay for something what themselves released for free! Here you can buy soundtrack:


But… do you want to buy soundtrack and pay to Ubisoft another few $$$ or download for free FROM UBISOFT? Make your choice.

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2 Responses to AC3: Tyranny of king Washington – soundtrack

  1. Yeah, i’m going to buy it (troolololololo)

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