Crysis and Warhead – add retail box version to your Origin account

Some people, like me for example 😀 , own some games in retail boxes which has some positives and negatives. One of the most terrible negatives is CD or DVD can become after some time unreadable or just broken. For this kind of cases usually would be good just to backup disc into .iso file but not with Crysis and Crysis Warhead, these games are protected wih Securom protection so they require disc to play. They really do? I will explain in a moment. You could also use a crack but it is not legal and there is no crack for 1.2.1 version of the game, especially for x64 executable. So how in legit way run Crysis and Crysis Warhead without disc? Some time ago these games became added into Origin library of digital distribution games and that’s how you can achieve running game without disc. Keys from box can’t be redeemed in Origin client, you can put them in there as many times as you wish to or until they will block your account temporarily, for about an hour. Redeeming these games require keys in proper format, to get these keys you need to contact EA support.

Before you start prepare scan or picture of user’s manual or just box. On picture has to be visible cd-key of the game and title of the game. Personally, i have Crysis Maximum Edition, box contains 3 DVDs (Crysis+Crysis Warhead+Crysis Wars) so i opened up a box and took a picture of box inside so it clearly showed discs and keys. If you have picture prepared we can start now.

1. Go to EA Support page, for example by visiting this link:
2. Fill support ticket
3. In ticket you have to say you want to add your retail box game into Origin account and add to ticket as attachment picture of your box or user’s manual, remember keys must be visible on picture!
4. Within fairly short period of time you will receive proper key and instructions how successfully add the game to Origin. Just follow provided instructions.
I’m very much surprised with this how fast it all goes, answer from EA Support came under 1h time and that was on Sunday, congratulations to EA for that.

Nicely, you have your game added into Origin account, now you can download it and play it without disc in drive, success!

Few more words from me. Origin downloads Crysis as installer, unlike it does with games made with Origin in mind. Origin keeps installer in folder “C:\ProgramData\Origin\DownloadCache”, i suggest to create backup of it to prevent from redownloading whole thing again when you will want to reinstall the game. After you finish installation you have to know installed game is version 1.0 which is a bit buggy and lacks few important improvements. Latest version of game is 1.2.1. With games made for Origin you just need to click with right mouse button on game to select update process but this game doesn’t have option of an autoupdate, you must download its updates manually and install them. There were 3 patches for the game and the last one was just a hotfix. You can download them for example from these links:
After installing them you can enjoy your patched game without disc in tray!
To owners of x64 Windows: game run directly from Origin starts with x32 .exe but on desktop you have shortcut which by default should run x64 .exe of the game.

Crysis Warhead, the same as Crysis downloads as installer of game in version 1.0 and exactly the same way, you have to update it manually. There was released only one patch for this game, you can download it from this link:

Probably this method of redeeming retails games into Origin works with all games which had support of EA Download Manager, unfortunately i do not own any other games like this so I’m unable to confirm it or not.

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