Introduction into Linux gaming – part 3: Installing games

When we already have system prepared and some basic knowledge about Linux we can install games. Just as reminder: i’m creating this guide on example of Ubuntu, many of tips mentioned here are universal to all distros but some are Ubuntu specific.

Installing games from Steam is too easy, it is just “click Install button, wait until download end and click Play”, that’s really it. I do not know how anyone could complicate it more.

Installing from .deb files is not much more complicated. Just download .deb file from your legitimate source, for example many Humble Bundle games are .deb, double-click on downloaded file. This will open Ubuntu Software Center with some description of package and button “Install”. Click on “Install” button, enter root password when prompted and await to end of installation. Now you can play your game, it should be available at your Dash.

.bin files are one step more complicated. Download file, go to file and… double-clicking on it will do nothing (with 99% of files). Click with right mouse button file, from context menu select “Properties”, in Properties window click on tab “Permissions” and check checkbox “Allow executing file as program” and click “Close” button in right-bottom corner of actual window. If double-click on still does not show up installer open terminal and now i will give you a lesson of Midnight Commander. Type in terminal:
sudo mc
This command means: SuperUserDO MC. To be more specific, it tells to terminal to start Midnight Commander as root user. When you entered command hit enter and, if needed type-in root password and hit enter again to confirm password. Now you are looking at Midnight Commander, one of the most powerful files managers, at least one of the easiest for beginners, imo. With arrow keys navigate up and down, with enter open folders and files. Navigate to your .bin file, as you made it exacutable it will be in mc highlighted with green color. Just hit enter on the file and installer will show up. Follow instructions of installer (usually just click “next” button) and your game will become installed. Now your game should be available in Dash, ready to play.

.sh files are script files and by default they open with gedit text editor which is not what we want. We have to do exactly the same as we are doing with .bin files.

Exactly the same goes with .run files, there is really not much differences.

There are also available games at Ubuntu Software Center which you can install directly from this program., very similar way you do with Steam games.


Now you know how to install your games on Linux, congratulations!

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