Introduction into Linux gaming – part 4: Troubleshooting

Sometimes it may happen you can not start game even if you are doing everything fine and there is no error message showing up, steam’s verify game cache option reports all file as correct, what to do in this kind of situation? Here Linux shows its superiority over Windows, with Windows you have no option to check what is going on but with Linux you can easily read error message, it is just needed to run failing game in special way.

Run Terminal, open with it Midnight Commander (reminder: sudo mc), navigate to game’s folder and start the game. Program executables under Linux can have various extensions or may have no extension at all. The most common extensions are: .bin, .x86, .x86_64. You will recognize them easily, as you should already know from previous posts Midnight Commander highlights executable files with green color of their name. If you tried now to run the game using Midnight Commander you can quit it by pressing key combination Alt+0. Now you can see in Terminal message with error, you can use it to find or receive solution.

First try to paste message into Google, if you will find nothing so post thread on game’s forums and contact with developer’s support. In report add also name of distro and its version (for example: Ubuntu 13.10), cpu, gpu, amount of ram and version of video driver. To post even more precise info about hardware open Ubuntu Software Center and install program “Hardinfo”. After installation run it, click button “Generate report” and select all available checkboxes, save it as .txt file and add its contents to your tech support report or post on forum. All these data will help in providing solution quickly.

Following this instruction will lead you to fix your game, have fun with your games, you Linux gamer 😉

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